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Financial AI Agent for Arabic—Finley Arabia

Finley AI is named on the 2024 WealthTech100 List.

London, UK – July 2024 – INATIGO, a recognised WealthTech100 listed company and provider of award-winning conversational AI solutions, proudly announces the launch of Finley Arabia.

Finley Arabia is an advanced financial AI agent tailored to the Arabic-speaking world. It harnesses the power of generative AI to promote financial inclusion across the Middle East and beyond.

Embracing the Arabic Language and Culture

According to Statista, Arabic is the sixth most spoken language globally, encompassing over 274 million speakers. This language carries immense cultural and linguistic depth, embracing a rich tapestry of dialects and historical contexts.

INATIGO recognises the importance of providing accurate, contextually relevant financial guidance in Arabic. Therefore building Finley Arabia reinforces our commitment to making sophisticated financial tools and insights accessible to a wider audience.

State-of-the-Art Generative AI Tailored for Arabic

The development of Finley Arabia involves comprehensive strategies and technological innovations. With Finley AI we have worked with esteemed regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to receive expert guidance on building AI-powered financial guidance models.

Finley Arabia also leverages Finley AI’s proprietary financial large language model, which encapsulates financial frameworks, guardrails, and advanced AI capabilities.

Central to this solution is
Jais, an Arabic-centric open generative large language model (LLM) expertly developed by Core42, a distinguished leader in AI technology within the #UAE. 

Key Features of Finley Arabia:

Advanced Language Processing: Finley Arabia employs sophisticated generative models to understand and respond to diverse dialects and regional linguistic variations within the Arabic-speaking world.

Privacy and Security: Consistent with INATIGO’s commitment to privacy, Finley Arabia integrates robust measures for personal identifiable information (PII) redaction, and content moderation.

Financial Intelligence: The AI provides real-time market updates, detailed financial guidance, and insights into stocks and investments, facilitating informed financial decision-making.

Empathetic Interaction: Utilising advanced chat and voice synthesis technology, Finley Arabia delivers empathetic, human-like financial guidance tailored to individual user needs.

"If having a website was essential for every firm in the early 2000s, by 2025, every company will require a Financial AI agent,” remarked Elemi Atigolo, co-founder of Finley AI, Lead AI Developer and former HSBC Wealth Manager.

Addressing Financial Industry Challenges 

As the financial services sector navigates the complexities of domain-specific knowledge, privacy concerns, and the necessity for accurate up-to-date information, Finley Arabia addresses these challenges through:

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF): Continuously refining the AI model’s accuracy and relevance.

Financial Frameworks and Guardrails: Including financial frameworks and guardrails for off-topic discussions.

Network of Financial AI Expert Agents: Facilitating seamless, contextually relevant, and financial guidance.


Availability and Next Steps

Finley Arabia is now available for deployment. 

Businesses interested in integrating this groundbreaking AI technology can submit their request via our API page here: Finley Arabia – API For Arabic

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