Finley AI

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About Finley AI
Finley AI was created to help more people get access to financial guidance easily using Artificial Intelligence and Voice. In today's modern society many people in the UK still struggle to get access to financial guidance or advice.  

About the Founder
Finley AI was created by London-based entrepreneur, investment manager, mentor and advisor Elemi Atigolo. Elemi has advised CEO, VC Partners, Directors and firms such as Oliver Wyman and McKinsey & Company. A venture builder and innovator, his portfolio includes Buildily, Finley AI,, Founder@ ( and JournaBot.

Elemi was previously a partner at a leading UK based private wealth management firm. Elemi brings a wealth of experience from both the financial advisory, wealth management and banking industry. Elemi holds a Master's degree in Accounting and Finance and has a BSc Hons degree in Distributed Information Systems and Computer Programming.