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Finley AI EMEA

Making it easier to integrate financial generative AI to enhance any financial solution within Europe, Middle East and Africa.

EMEA Mission.

We are on the mission to advance the EMEA region’s financial sector with integration of state-of-the-art financial generative AI technologies.

Therefore our Finley AI Agents have been further tailored to navigate the intricate financial landscape of the Europe, Middle East and Africa.

By integrating Finley AI into financial systems and companies, we aim to enhance operational efficiency, increase financial inclusion, and stimulate innovative financial practices.

Our dedicated approach is driven by the ambition to support the EMEA region in seizing the opportunity, leveraging our expertise to gain a substantial competitive advantage.

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Built for the world of finance,
by AI finance experts.

Finley AI Worked With The UK Financial Regulator's Advice Unit

Finley AI was invited to work with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Advice Unit to provide high quality AI financial guidance models via voice and chat.

Finley AI Named Top 5 Global Voice Solution and Startup

Finley AI was hand-picked and named Top 5 voice solutions out of 326 global exemplary startups & scaleups analyzed for a report by StartUs Insights.  

Finley AI Launches Its Voice Assistant and Helps 100k+ users

Finley AI successfully launches its Google-powered voice assistant and provides financial guidance and support to over 100k+ users globally.

Finley AI Becomes Selected As A NVIDIA Inception Company

Finley AI becomes an NVIDIA Inception Program company. This collaboration further enables Finley AI to rapidly deliver best-in-class solutions to its customers.

Finley AI Is Supported And Backed By Microsoft For Startups

Finley AI is backed by Microsoft For Startups as one of their Scale companies. This collaboration provides Finley AI with world-class support and technology.

Finley AI Is Supported And Backed By Google For Startups

Finley AI becomes a backed Google Cloud startups company. This collaboration and backing provides Finley AI with access to leading technology and support.

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